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Welcome to Ion Ragnarok Online!

Explore new worlds. Face formidable monsters in demanding raids. Decide the fate of the gods in our epic storyline. The only limit is your imagination. DOWNLOAD NOW.

How to play to earn?

You don’t have to be rich to get the best items. All you have to do is vote for donation items and quest for Legendary gear. Not only will you stand out, you’ll pack the same punch as the strongest of ’em.



Server Rankings

Rank Player Name Kills Streaks
1  Hersheys 904 10
2  SonGoku 823 26
3  PaoloAkashiii 778 5
4  Tomato Cultivator 777 17
5  Future 737 16
6  Muhammad Ali 695 5
7  Asbag 633 4
8  ENZIONG 624 13
9  KnightJar 613 8
10  Noor 601 5